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The governance projects within the Interreg Euro-MED Innovative Sustainable Economy mission are implementing a set of integrated and mutual reinforcing activities to achieve the overall mission and Programme goals:


  • Mapping of potential target groups, stakeholders, networks, and innovative projects as a strong harmonised dataset for visualization, data analyses, challenges identification, prioritise policies, and synergies purposes.
  • Starting-up an animating the Innovative Sustainable Economy Community (ISEC) Hub, providing the mission’s larger multisectoral and multilevel community a friendly space. The hub helps connecting quadruple helix Mediterranean stakeholders’ (North & South) exchange and join forces reach critical mass to boost the transition toward the mission goal. To allow more focused exchanges, within the broader ISEC Hub smaller working groups may be co-created with participating stakeholders.
  • Supporting challenge-driven stakeholders alliances to focus and orient the cooperation within the ISEC Hub, and actively promoting and seizing synergies between mission governance projects’ activities and other Mediterranean initiatives ensuring overall coherence, alignment, and long-term strong cross-programme cooperation framework to multiply positive impact.
  • Organising Mediterranean Innovation Events either in-person (innovation CAMPS) and online (webinar DAYS). During the events experts and policy makers will be able to discuss and work on pre-defined specific common challenges and key strategic priorities.
  • Providing capacity building to quadruple helix stakeholders through complementary approaches and formats, including publicly available online courses with different training modules, targeted capacity-strengthening programmes and mentoring, and twinning actions between actors. These activities will also contribute to the Interreg Euro-MED Academy.
  • Promoting Transformative Innovation Policy Labs (TIPL) as places of experimentation of better policy making approaches embedded in ongoing processes at different level of government (local, regional, national, macro-regional). Beyond methodologies, tools, capacity building and support to analyse the challenges, design, implement and monitor actions, the mission governance projects will propose the more relevant thematic projects’ solutions for each TIPL favouring an effective mainstreaming.
  • Fostering joint advocacy activities developing of common position and policy papers, evidence-based statements and recommendations addressed to targeted institutions. The mission governance projects will help ensuring visibility and uptake of innovative solutions and practices and to make the Mediterranean voice clear and heard.
    To ensure a wider stakeholder engagement and higher impact of mission governance projects’ activities, 2 mission coordination bodies will be set-up:
  • The Institutional Sounding Board (ISB) to steer mission governance projects’ activities to ensure that they are aligned with and relevant for Mediterranean strategies. Therefore, the Board is composed of representatives from Mediterranean and EU institutions that participate on a voluntary basis.
  • The Mission Consultative Body (MCB) to reinforce the co-ownership of mission governance projects’ activities and the active engagement of key external stakeholders as multipliers. This Body is representative of the multi-level and quadruple helix stakeholders active in the Mediterranean region, including networks and stakeholders from the Southern and Eastern shores. Within the MCB, associated organisations will be approached in 3 different ways, as 1. ADVISORS involving them in providing expertise in specific themes tackled; as 2. SUPPORTERS endorsing and promoting the project; and as 3. END-USERS being direct beneficiaries of the delivered outputs and contributing to the replicability of the innovative solutions.


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