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Dialogue4Innovation: Driving Governance Forward in Mediterranean


The Dialogue4Innovation kick-off meeting was successfully held in Marseille, on January 17, 2023, a great opportunity to get off on the right foot and launch the project.

D4I is an Institutional Dialogue Project, co-funded by the Euro-MED program and will contribute, working in synergy with the thematic community project, Community 4 Innovation, to achieve the objectives under Mission 1 strengthening the Innovative Sustainable Economy in the Mediterranean.

The consortium, coordinated by Emilia-Romagna Region is formed by 10 organizations, from 6 countries (Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Bulgaria, and Spain) from the program area, intends to strengthen the governance of the Mediterranean through different activities. Through activities of capacity building, the project wants to increase the skills of policymakers and stakeholders to address Sustainable Development Goals more effectively. By working with territorial actors through Transformative innovation policy labs (TIPL), the project will promote the diffusion of more systemic and integrated approaches necessary to tackle the urgent challenges of the ecological transition.

The Project will contribute to improving the long-lasting conditions for a permanent institutional and social dialogue in the Mediterranean, bridging the transnational dimension with local solutions and increasing coordination, policy coherence and alignment of actions for an innovative sustainable economy.