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Circle the MED 2024: ISE Mission in Action


The 7th edition of Circle the MED witnessed a dynamic convergence of policymakers, business leaders and experts with the Innovative Sustainable Economy (ISE) Mission actively contributing to the discourse on sustainability and circular practices. The event, both physical and online, attracted 500 participants from 45 countries, showcasing the global resonance of the discussions.

Mr. Dimitrios Kokosioulis, representing ISE partner Dynamic Vision, played a crucial role as the moderator for the “Blue Economy – Sustainable Blue Economy Partnerships in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Basins” session, underlining ISE’s commitment to fostering sustainable practices in the region.
One of the highlights was the impactful panel on “Green Growth and the Circular Economy,” where Mr. Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea, Director for Circular Economy at DG ENV, shared valuable insights. Acknowledging the critical role of circular economy in driving green growth, he emphasized the need for effective implementation of legislation and practical results to benefit society and economic operators.
Mr. Ciobanu-Dordea’s speech shed light on the transformative legislation undertaken by the EU in the past four years, addressing eco-design, batteries, packaging, plastics, microplastics, and chemicals. He highlighted the importance of transitioning towards more sustainable farming and the ongoing efforts to make circularity a key driver in the EU Green Deal.

Mr. Ciobanu-Dordea emphasized the EU Council’s recognition of the circular economy as a strategic priority, calling for continued efforts in the next political cycle. During the Q&A session, he addressed packaging waste concerns and highlighted the Commission’s focus on recycling design. The 7th edition of Circle the MED, with ISE Mission’s active participation, discussed green transition topics in the Mediterranean. Mr. Kokosioulis moderated the “Blue Economy” session, featuring impactful panels on green growth and circular economy. ISE Mission actively supported the event, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability in the Mediterranean, South-East Europe, and the Black Sea region.