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ISEC Hub Consultation Workshop


The online Consultation Workshop to present and co-design the ISEC Hub took place on Tuesday 26th of March. The Innovative Sustainable Economy Mission met with the Hub Ambassadors to share ideas and get their feedback. The meeting brought together 36 participants from different regions and various backgrounds 

Can you imagine a virtual space where people gather and exchange experiences to foster transformative innovation in the entire Mediterranean region? This is what the ISEC Hub aims to be, one of the key facilities for connecting the Meditarranean actors and facilitating their exchanges and interactions. 

During the Consultation Workshop the Gov4Innovation team emphasised the rational behind the Hub. It will be the meeting place between quadruple Helix of Mediterranean stakeholders, Mission actors (TCP-IDP governance projects, TPs-Community of Practice, Associated Partners and more) and external actors beyond the Programme, from the North, East, West, and South Mediterranean. 

Then, four session started dedicated to the four pillars underpinning the Hub: Connect, Learn, Share, Collaborate. 

  • Pillar Connect aims at bringing together like-minded people within the Mediterranean critical mass following the Mission
  • Pillar Learn aims at showcasing existing innovative tools, solutions and policy approaches to drive innovation in Mediterranean territories
  • Pillar Share aims at spreading relevant news, institutional developments, events and collaboration opportunities 
  • Pillar Collaborate aims at bridging cooperation with other stakeholders to exchange on territorial challenges and other collaboration prospects.

Each session was followed by an interactive moment. Through Mentimeter participants could express their opinion about the proposed combination of tools and virtual spaces. They showed great interest and suggested some more aspects that should be covered for the realisation of the activity. All the received contribution will be integrated in the Activity Roadmap by the end of April. After that next steps will be the Hub setup and its launch. 

The activity will see the engagement of the Conference of Periheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), Adriatic Ionian Euroregion, Mediterranean Information Office for the Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE), Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVIC-UCC), and Emilia-Romagna Region that will act in strong synergy.   

Here on our website there is already a section dedicated to the Hub, with some general elements. In the next few weeks we will continue the planned work and once it is ready, it will be possible to find on the page the references to all the tools and official channels proposed for ISEC Hub. The range of tools will be broad, including stakeholder mapping systems, interactive platforms and social channels, as well as webinars, modules and other knowledge products.